Boswellness Supports SDGs

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We support all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the following ways and more.

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By partnering with 250 Harvesters in turn
supporting over 1,500 family members.
By following fair trade practices, resin
prices have increased across the industry.

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Established access to food staples
in partnership with local suppliers
via a cooperative model

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Provide potable water sources to villages
in the Harvest Regions in turn helping to
establish community gardens

SOCP Training

Educating harvesters and landowners
on the true value of their resources
and labor

Village Well

Ensuring girls can go to school by providing faucets onsite
while removing the burden of water procurement for their

Faucets at School in Guudmo Biyo Cas Provided by Boswellness

Providing access to clean water via solar-powered
wells, aiming for all villages in Somaliland

Solar Panels for Well Pump

Setting up wells generated by solar panels aiming
to provide solar power to houses. Renewable energy
in use at our Vermont distillery

B. carteri Tree During Harvest

Providing stable income via a fair trade model,
paying higher prices for raw materials thus
putting pressure on other buyers to pay fairly

Harvest Region in Somaliland

Driven by an ethical business model of directing
20% of gross revenue to community development

Harvester Planning Meeting

Building equal Harvester relationships,
sharing verified data to counter misinfo,
organic program improves resin value

Boswellia Trees in Sanaag Region of Somaliland

Investing in research for a sustainable Boswellia industry,
clean energy in the harvesting region, and
supply chain transparency via organic certification

Boswellia Trees in Sanaag Region of Somaliland

Continually educating people on fair trade, the real value
of the raw materials and responsible buying. This systems
approach increases efficiency while reducing energy use.

Boswellness Distillery in Vermont

Solar-powered wells in Somaliland, renewable natural gas
in use at the Vermont distillery with a 2030 net zero
emission commitment from the tree to the bottle.

Boswellness Distillery in VT

No use of chemicals in the production process.
Adhere to local and national regulations for disposal
of wastewater to prevent contamination of waterways.

C. myrrha Tree Sanaag Region Somaliland

Support local knowledge sharing internationally via
an ongoing tree health study. Findings continue to
shape harvesting best practices.

Boswellness Founders

Fair & democratic partnerships,
proud to be black and woman owned!

Mahdi with Harvesters in Somaliland

Operate in partnership with Somaliland,
the US, clients around the globe, CFESS
and academic institutions.