Our Mission

Making positive social change through business

We believe business can both make a positive social impact and be profitable. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Boswellness is committed to three main goals: Sustainability, Community Development, and Product Quality.

1. Sustainability: Since our inception in 2004, our focus has been on the health of the trees and the communities that depend on them. We understand that the longevity of the trees correlates with the longevity of the harvesting communities, and thus support both through research, training, and direct assistance.

2. Community Development: Improving water access is at the heart of our community development efforts. Somaliland has long suffered from low water accessibility compounded by drought. Through our commitment to direct 20% of our gross revenue to community development in the harvesting region, we’ve been engineering, installing, and maintaining solar powered wells. Our goal is to provide easy water access to every village in Somaliland.

3. Product Quality: We’re involved on all levels to ensure the purity and quality of our products. All of our products are certified organic, ensuring their therapeutic benefits as ingredients. Our specially designed water filtration system, small batch distillation and 40 combined years of distillation experience produces some of the most exquisite frankincense and myrrh extracts our customers have ever experienced.