Meet Our Team


Visionary, Founder, Resident Bushman

Mahdi's entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured from a young age from watching then working at his parents' general store. After moving to North America as a refugee during the Somaliland Civil War for independence, Mahdi matriculated in Business School and received his bachelor's degree from the University of Montreal.

He soon wrote his first business plan and pitched his idea to investors to create a Arabian coffee house in a nearby neighborhood. This first idea didn't gain traction, so Mahdi continued working in multiple sectors and moving to sample a more diverse cross section of contemporary business practices.

After meeting his future life partner and moving together to Burlington, Vermont, Mahdi shared his vision of building bridges between the East Coast of Africa and the East Coast of the US. From this, Boswellness was born.

Mahdi's favorite hat is connecting with members of the Harvesting Community and hearing how his vision has improved their lives.


Co-Founder and Swiss Army Woman

Jamie's can do spirit exemplifies Yankee ingenuity.  With a background in communication, Jamie helps ensure our socially responsible mission is translated to our partners and online presence.  Similarly, she and Mahdi took their initial vision and have translated it into a world-class, international business while supporting rural communities' way of life.

Jamie's favorite hat to wear at Boswellness is talking with customers.  Hearing the effects of our products on people's lives motivates her to continue building this enterprise.


Arcane Technologist

Casey embraces our mission of building bridges through seeking the simplest solutions compounded to solve complex issues.  This applies both to desktop and online open-source software (OSS) as well as to distillation equipment and processes.  Occum's Razer applies, the dude abides.

Casey was onboard with Boswellness beginning with the conceptualization phase.  Growing up in rural settings and participating in local food co-ops meant he was right at home with the mission and approach in this organization.

Talking shop with customers and other distillers is at the forefront of Casey's shortlist for favorite hat at Boswellness.