Our Story

Direct Sourcing

When we say “from the tree to the bottle”, we mean it–literally. From the plot of land where the Boswellia tree is harvested to the packaging of our essential oils, we control our supply chain every step of the way. We value relationships with harvesters and landowners, not brokers. Through our direct sourcing model, we can ensure payments are made promptly to harvesters, and their needs are met, while also ensuring the procurement of the highest quality organic resins for our essential oils.

Our Mission

Boswellness is committed to three main goals: Sustainability, Community Development, and Product Quality. 

About Us

Born from a dream, this is how it all began.

Our Impact

From fair wages to clean water, we’re on a mission to build a more fair and sustainable future for frankincense and myrrh, one bag of resin at a time.


It’s been called Africa’s hidden gem. See why Somaliland is so special.

Harvesting Region and Frankincense

Somaliland’s abundant frankincense forests produce over 70% of the world’s commercially traded frankincense and are an important natural resource for the country.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Boswellness!