How We Work

Boswellness Gudmo Biyo Cas Water Tower

Life moves fast, especially when you’re running your own business. We can get bogged down in the day to day operations, particularly as small business owners who wear many hats. Once in a while, we need to step back and look at the big picture as a reminder of where we began and where we are heading.

This week, as we celebrated the Labor Day holiday, we had a chance to reflect on the hard fought rights for workers over the centuries. And while this was a holiday being observed in the US and Canada, the idea that workers deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity is a universal truth. This prompted us to analyze the progress of our partnerships in Somaliland and with our clients. Being the data driven nerds we are, we decided to create an impact report. In the past, we’ve created different reports measuring different types of progress, including a sustainability report. But this feels more encompassing. It feels more impactful.

We were both humbled and amazed to see the figures associated with our little enterprise which began from a dream Mahdi had. And grateful because no matter how hard we worked in our 9-5 jobs in the service industry, or the tech industry, or whichever of the many positions we’ve held over the years to self fund this vision, we could have easily failed in  the mission Mahdi had of giving back and helping his people rebuild and thrive. Stepping out of our comfort zone and into the unknown has given us this opportunity. If it weren’t for all of our clients supporting this endeavor, this dream might still be just that…a dream. As we enter our 18th year of business, we want to thank all of those who have supported us thus far, and give you a glimpse into what was made possible because of your support.

Annual Impact of Boswellness Activities