This Is More Than Just Distilling

I really want to talk about our connection to the source of our frankincense and myrrh, Somaliland, and how it is truly the foundation of our business. Part of our mission statement reads: “Reinvesting in the harvesting communities and paying the harvesting families a fair price is at the core of our business.”

I’m always struggling with how to let people know our mission is not just lip service (without sounding preachy), but something we are constantly working towards as we go about our business. Every decision made is done so with that one sentence in mind. We have this crazy idea that business can actually do so much good when it’s not solely focused on the bottom line. Not to say that profit isn’t important (or there would be no business), but reinvesting in the health and longevity of the local community is just as (if not more so) important. Continue reading “This Is More Than Just Distilling”